Calendar and Holidays

The passage of time is marked by twelve months. These months are closely tied to the seasons. Each month is 25 days long so a year is exactly 300 days long. Years are counted based on the reign of the current king (now in his 30th year).

The months of the year are:

Early Spring
Mid Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer
Mid Summer
Late Summer
Early Fall
Mid Fall
Late Fall
Early Winter
Mid Winter
Late Winter


New Years- New Years is a Holy Day in which no work is done and Mass is held for the entire day. Most businesses will be closed.

Festival of Rebirth- A Holy Festival in which people celebrate a new life. At this time it is customary to repent of your old ways and start anew. During this time houses and businesses are decorated with flowers.

Spring Sabbat- The spring druidic holiday. Still celebrated widely among the followers of the old gods. During this holiday eggs are painted bright colors and used as decorations. Sometimes games are played involving the eggs such as hiding them and having children see how many they can find. Some villages hold to this tradition in conjunction with the Festival of Rebirth but the Holy Church discourages this.

King Aegis Birthday- Traditionally the King’s birthday is a grand celebration throughout the land. This is really the only summer holiday widely observed.

Summer Sabbat- The summer druidic holiday. The least commonly observed holiday, even among followers of the old gods. Generally observed only by the priestesses themselves.

The Thinning of the Veil- Druidesses uphold that during this time the veil between the land of the dead and the land of the living thins and that it is possible for the dead to cross over. Nights during this time tend to be long and people’s perceptions become skewed, as if living in a dream. Over time it has turned into a bizarre celebration. It almost always coincides with the pumpkin crop, so Jack-o Lanterns are common during this time.

Fall Sabbat- The most important druidic holiday. It occurs during the thinning of the veil and as such is often shrouded in darkness and mystery. The Holy Church uses this as evidence to support the belief that druidism is the worship of evil, and the dead. In truth this is not the case, and many of the spells invoked on this night are meant to protect the followers of the old gods from ill effects of the thinning of the veil.

Harvest Festival- In Late Fall after the crops have come in a week long feast ensues and all of the food that cannot be stored is prepared and eaten.

Wintertide- A Holy day dedicated to giving. Members of the church are encouraged to give gifts to friends and loved ones. This time is celebrated with images of angels, lighted candles, and songs of goodwill.

Winter Sabbat- The winter druidic holiday. It is celebrated by decorating with holly and evergreen trees to symbolize survival through the harsh winter.

Calendar and Holidays

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