Westerland Chronicles

A Family Adventure

It is said the land of Westerland was once ruled entirely by the fey folk. Rich thick forest blanketed the entire land. When the humans arrived that changed. The land was laid bare as the humans constructed their cities, villages, and farms. Soon all of the fey were gone, and only a few relics and ruins were left to remind the humans of the previous occupants. The faith of the fey remains throughout the land, and the fey priestesses still have loyal followers. Few who do follow the old gods admit to doing so, since the greatest power in the land is the Holy Church. Dragons too, once the bane of the fey, have all but vanished from the land. Their acolytes, the Dragonchildes have been banished to the Dragonspire, a great castle perched atop a barren rock set apart from the mainland and only accessable from a great bridge. King Aegis has united all of Westerland under his banner, but power struggles remain and the “peace” of the land is tenative at best. Where will the characters find themselves in a struggle between an old world and a new?

The story so far…

The Westerland Chronicles