Lady Christa

Sex Female
Age 46
Weight Thin
Hair Color Brown
Facial Hair None
Quirks Breathtakingly attractive, blue eyes
Traits Loves Challenge

After watching her husband rule House Flowers for decades as he served under House Grim, she was given her own chance to rule when her husband was slain in battle during the Kingmaker Rebellion. Lady Christa loves a challenge and rose to the occasion. She increased prosperity in their holdings. When Lincoln’s nephew James showed exceptional prowess in tournaments she assigned him to lead their knights to help House Grim quell the Barbarian Uprising. James emerged a champion and tales of his exceptional abilities abounded. Soon the King the church and numerous other houses sought favor to have the young knight on their side. This led King Aegis to grant House Flowers major lordship and the former holdings of House Dennison.

Lady Christa is noted throughout the land for her beauty. She truly embodies the motto of House Flowers: From thorns, beauty. She was deeply in love with her husband and now seeks to honor him by making his name known throughout the land. She is passionate about her son as well, whom she is grooming to someday rule in her stead. With her beauty and holdings, she has many suitors, but even after 18 years she still grieves her husband’s loss, and has thus far rejected all of her suitors.

Lady Christa has had trouble coming to grips with the coming of age of her son and has had trouble letting go of her rule. Fortunately Fletcher seems to welcome her help.

Lady Christa

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