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  • Father Montrose

    A [[Priest|priest]] in charge of the music at the cathedral. Level 5 Human Priest CR 5

  • Chutney

    Owner of Chutney's a rod, staff, and wand seller. Not too business savvy. He dislikes Cromwell immensely.

  • Cybele

    A middle aged woman with dirty blonde hair, she is fanatically dedicated to the church. She is a bit on the chubby side. She is very into holidays and always looks forward to church celbrations. Her main jub is to take care of travelers at the Temple …

  • Lord Hugo

    |Sex|Male| |Age|38| |Weight|Athletic| |Hair Color|Auburn with a touch of gray| |Facial Hair|Goutique| |Quirks|Low voice| Traits Deep Civilised [[NPCs]]

  • Lord Forester

    Sex Male Age 23 Weight Thin Hair Color Dirty Blonde Facial Hair Goutique Quirks Scar Traits Peaceful Dumb

  • Lady Christa

    Sex Female Age 46 Weight Thin Hair Color Brown Facial Hair None Quirks Breathtakingly attractive, blue eyes Traits Loves Challenge Passionate After watching her [[Lord Lincoln|husband]] rule House Flowers for decades as he served under House …

  • Lord Lucian

    Sex Male Age 52 Weight Chubby Hair Color Dirty Blonde Facial Hair Large Moustache Quirks Flips a coin Traits Judgmental Confident

  • Lord Harper

    Sex Male Age 80 Weight Anorexic Hair Color Black Facial Hair Moustache Quirks Slurs words Traits Honorable Formal

  • Lord Krister

    Sex Male Age 37 Weight Thin Hair Color Brunnette Completely bald White Facial Hair Full Beard Quirks Racist Traits Harsh Coherent [[NPCs]]

  • Sir James "Brightblade" Flowers

    Sex Male Age 18 Weight Athletic Hair Color Brown Facial Hair Scruffy Quirks Nobility Traits High Self Esteem Lively Sir James is the pride of House [[Flowers]]. He has one every tournament he's participated in and was once thought to be …

  • Bishop Ferdinand

    The leader of the Northwestern Parish which contains [[Capital City]]. Bishop Ferdinand is stationed in Cathedral City, and also acts as mayor of that town. He is currently involved in ridding the surrounding area of the few remaining groves of …

  • Uncle Wendell

    Castellan for House [[Dragonchilde]] and [[:cromwell|Lord Cromwell's]] uncle. He rules Dragonspire while Cromwell is away. He is loyal to a fault, above all to Dragonspire and the late Lady Dragonchilde.

  • Princess Miora

    Daughter of [[:aegis|King Aegis]] and his first wife, Lady Stone. After the divorce, Miora began acting out and is known for being adventurous. She will not inherit the throne, nor will her children, unless [[Queen Olivia]] does not bear sons.

  • Hedgewig

    [[Celeste]]'s familiar. A sage like owl who says little, and is highly irritated by [[Eyejelly]].

  • Jared Flowers

    Nephew of [[Lady Christa]] of house [[Flowers]]. Jared dreamed of becoming a [[Wizard]] and studied at the [[Academy of Amethyst]] in the [[Eastern Lands]]. He left when [[:aegis|King Aegis]] granted his family the house [[Dennison]] lands.

  • Amber

    Amber [[Stone]], yet unmarried, is [[:laura|Laura's]] cousin. She is heavy set and busty. She spends most of her time tending to [[Lord Harper]].

  • Olograv

    Olograv is a dragon, and [[:galvan|Galvan's]] ancient enemy. His whereabouts are unknown, though he once had a lair north of [[Castle Stonehold]].

  • King Aegis

    Think Ken Warbritton. Motivation: Aegis seeks to claim two "rebel" areas and have a truly united kingdom. One is Dragonspire, and the other is the Northern Wilds. His predecessors were content to leave the Wilds alone since they were too unforgiving …

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