The Westerland Chronicles

23rd Day of Midfall in the 30th Year of King Aegis

Unable to shake the hauntings of a ghost named Bella, the party travels back to Alpine city then to Cathedral city. Once here they find Father Montrose at the ghost’s behest. The priest flies into a rage and attacks them. The kill him and search his quarters only to learn of a secret marriage, and a daughter named Bella. The wife was slain and given the ghostly nature of Bella, it’s safe to assume she suffered the same fate. The journal leads them to a mousoleum in the Cathedral courtyard which descends into a necropolis. Here the party falls prey to a pit trap with wooden spikes and learns of zombie gaurds from Eyejelly, Cromwell’s familiar.

18th of Mid Fall in the 30th Year of the King

Laura wakes up in front of the grave of Bella who died recently. She wanders around the graveyard only to find Bella’s ghost telling her to find Father Montrose. She finds Cromwell and they decide to travel to Capital City to find the dragon there, ignoring Bella’s pleas.

Alpine City
The characters arrive in alpine city but are short on funds so they decide to sleep in the woods on the outskirts of town rather than in an Inn. Bella’s ghost haunts them and Eyejelly, feeling the evil in the air warns them to leave. The characters end up sitting up all night on the streets of Alpine City and learn a valuable lesson about going out during the thinning of the veil.

Capital City
Cromwell sells the finely crafted mace for 35 gold. He is duped into purchasing an ornamental rod that he pays entirely too much for. He seeks to have it appraised and in the process runs afowl of Lefty, one of the local crimelords.

After Laura retires Cromwell returns to Chutney to threaten his life for the slight. Chutney becomes angry and threatens to call the gaurd. Cromwell, frustrated, returns to the Inn but not before irritating Chutney beyond repair.

14 th Day of Mid Fall in the 30th Year of the King

The Wilderness

The characters have moved on after their stay at the farm. A wood stands between them and the nearest settlements. Opting for the north path they find themselves in Wayfarer’s Inn, which could scarcely be called a settlement. Broke, with no place to stay the characters were taken in on a farm where they worked forking hay and entertaining at the inn until they were able to earn some coin. This arrangement was reach after they successfully rescued the farmer’s dog.

The Cathedral

On a tip from the Priest at Wayfarer’s Inn the characters travel to Cathedral City where they speak with Bishop Ferdinand in hopes of using the cathedral library, one of the best in the land. He stubbornly refuses to allow them access, so magical coercian is used to reach an agreement. The characters part of the bargain is that they will find and kill a “heretical witch” practicing at a stone circle in the alpine area south of the cathedral. In addition Ferdinand asks that the characters report the names of the congregation members in attendance during the Sabbat. With some difficulty the characters are able to overcome the witch and report their findings. The Bishop rewards them with a scroll.

23rd Day of Early Fall in the 30th Year of the King

Wyvern Castle

Lord Stevan a Minor Lord of Wyvern Castle betrayed the characters and attempted to kidnap them for ransom. He wanted to hold Cromwell hostage so that Dragonspire would swear allegiance to him. The characters were able to escape only to be recaptured.

Rat Cavern

The only way out of the dungeons below Wyvern Castle is through a long forgotten network of tunnels which have been taken over by a “rat lord” and millions of rats. The characters were able to slowly but surely fight their way through, losing the apothecary who’d helped them to drowning.


The characters were able to escape from the tunnels and take refuge by working to earn their way at a nearby farm for fourteen days. During this time the characters earned the friendship of the farm brownie.


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