King Aegis

King of Westerland

Sex Male
Age 49
Weight Heavy
Hair Black and Silver, Mostly bald
Facial Hair Goutique
Quirks Thick eyebrows
Discription: King Aegis is a heavy serious man who does not mince words. He is frank and does little to sugar coat what he has to say. He was once quite merry, but as time has gone on he has become discontented with numerous things in his kingdom.

Think Ken Warbritton.

Motivation: Aegis seeks to claim two “rebel” areas and have a truly united kingdom. One is Dragonspire, and the other is the Northern Wilds. His predecessors were content to leave the Wilds alone since they were too unforgiving to settle, and Dragonspire is too difficult to take given the losses that it would take to claim it. Still, Aegis feels slighted by not holding them. In addition, he seeks to subbordinate the church, and perhaps even name himself kingpriest. He is resentful of their power and feels like the throne lacks the proper respect.

Blackwood Rangers: The king’s true source of power. The blackwood rangers are fiercely loyal to the crown, and a formidable force. They are largely responsible for the period of peace.

Holy Church: Has become too powerful and is a slight to the crown.

Guilds: A nuissance at worst. A matter for the local constubalary.

King Aegis

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