The Westerland Chronicles

18th of Mid Fall in the 30th Year of the King

Laura wakes up in front of the grave of Bella who died recently. She wanders around the graveyard only to find Bella’s ghost telling her to find Father Montrose. She finds Cromwell and they decide to travel to Capital City to find the dragon there, ignoring Bella’s pleas.

Alpine City
The characters arrive in alpine city but are short on funds so they decide to sleep in the woods on the outskirts of town rather than in an Inn. Bella’s ghost haunts them and Eyejelly, feeling the evil in the air warns them to leave. The characters end up sitting up all night on the streets of Alpine City and learn a valuable lesson about going out during the thinning of the veil.

Capital City
Cromwell sells the finely crafted mace for 35 gold. He is duped into purchasing an ornamental rod that he pays entirely too much for. He seeks to have it appraised and in the process runs afowl of Lefty, one of the local crimelords.

After Laura retires Cromwell returns to Chutney to threaten his life for the slight. Chutney becomes angry and threatens to call the gaurd. Cromwell, frustrated, returns to the Inn but not before irritating Chutney beyond repair.



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