The Westerland Chronicles

23rd Day of Early Fall in the 30th Year of the King

Wyvern Castle

Lord Stevan a Minor Lord of Wyvern Castle betrayed the characters and attempted to kidnap them for ransom. He wanted to hold Cromwell hostage so that Dragonspire would swear allegiance to him. The characters were able to escape only to be recaptured.

Rat Cavern

The only way out of the dungeons below Wyvern Castle is through a long forgotten network of tunnels which have been taken over by a “rat lord” and millions of rats. The characters were able to slowly but surely fight their way through, losing the apothecary who’d helped them to drowning.


The characters were able to escape from the tunnels and take refuge by working to earn their way at a nearby farm for fourteen days. During this time the characters earned the friendship of the farm brownie.



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